Kokeshi big head peg doll girl figures - seconds

Kokeshi big head peg doll girl figures - seconds

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Wooden Kokeshi big head peg doll girl figures made of birch with separate maple head beads / dowel caps with a hole that only goes half way through.

Pack of ten seconds with marks in the wood grain on the head, and seconds girl figures for making decorative items.

The diameter of the head and the hole are a good fit - the head fits over the body shape and drops down till the width of the girl shape blocks it off, leaving a shorter body length showing. Will need glue to fix the parts together.

  • Each figure in two parts for you to assemble
  • Girl pegs are 5.1 cm / 52 mm (2") tall and 2.2 cm wide at the base
  • Head bead / dowel cap is 3.2 cm diameter and fits over the girl figure head
  • Total figure just over 6 cm / 60 mm tall
  • Figure made of birch in North America
  • Dowel cap made of maple in China

 0-3 warning Not suitable for children under 36 months - small parts - choking hazard